Investment versus Capital

Investment versus Capital

There are only 2 types of money in your business, one is Income and the other is Capital.

Which is going to make you rich?

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Your free and confidential meeting...

Mirada offer a FREE consultation meeting at an agreed venue to talk to you, very informally, about how we might help you with your business from an investment, growth or exit aspect.

This meeting will be in the strictest of confidence and has no obligations from either side.

It will provide an opportunity for:

  • you to get to know the people you may be working with in Mirada and
  • for us to get to know you and your business and the issues that you are facing.

Ultimately, our aim is to help you create a valuable asset (your business) that you can either (a) hold onto for continued income and development of the capital value of your business or (b) sell to realise that capital value.

There are several steps that are relevant to discuss with you on that journey to financial security.

  • investment opportunities in your business
  • growth of your business to maximise turnover and profit (and thus sale price)
  • installing best practice systems and processes so the business can run on autopilot
  • selling your business for maximum value using the Mirada systems

To book a meeting in the strictest confidence please contact us now.