Investment versus Capital

Investment versus Capital

There are only 2 types of money in your business, one is Income and the other is Capital.

Which is going to make you rich?

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Looking for Investment

So what do you want the money for?

Starting out / early stage

You have a good idea for a new product or service, especially one that has the potential to go national or internmational, and are looking for funding to take your idea to launch or to build quickly upon early sales of a proven concept.

Expansion of your business

This could be for the development of new products or services, entry into new markets or looking to export your products, or for increasing the capacity or changing location (or commonly both) of your current operations to respond to increasing demand for your products or services......amongst other things.

Acquitision of other business

growth through acquisition is a strategy that will deliver fast growth and can place you as the market leader through strategic acquisition of competitors or broaden your offering through acquistion of companies with complementary products or services.

Whatever the reason, we can help. Explore the solution most relevant to you situation and then call 01865 988172 or contact us for a first talk about your business.