Investment versus Capital

Investment versus Capital

There are only 2 types of money in your business, one is Income and the other is Capital.

Which is going to make you rich?

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Growing Your Business

...and getting your business "exit ready"

We take business through a rigorous process that addresses the key fundamentals of SME businesses in faster sales cycle businesses (typically in the services sector), preparing them for sale or accession. This all creates shareholder value.

Our system sets the business up to operate efficiently and effectively. This is important as the growth that we will bring to your business will be delivered while consistently meeting or exceeding your customers' expectations. Too many fast growing businesses start to notice that customer complaints start to increase and that formerly loyal customers stop doing business with them. You don't want this to happen to you and your business.

The P & L

By focusing on every item of a businesses’ Profit & Loss Statement, we can evaluate every expense and revenue stream to enable the business owner to see the truth about their business and remove unprofitable products or services and assess the contribution to the business of every staff member, supplier and customer. Our systematic approach almost always delivers 10% or more to bottom line profitability without losing any staff. The P & L in-depth analysis leads to a deeper understanding of the businesses’ really profitable products and services.


All businesses need more sales always, but most importantly they need more sales of their more profitable products and services both to both new customers and, importantly, to their most loyal customers. It is not uncommon to raise sales by 25% to 50% within six to nine months delivering 10% to 15% more profitability to the bottom line even after additional sales personnel have been recruited.

Systems and people

A critical element for a successful company is putting in systems to the business and having trained motivated staff to implement them. If the owners want to leave the business, or to truly lead and manage their business strategically, they have to get to a position where they can make themselves effectively redundant from the day-to-day business without a noticeable impact on the business. This means having good people who are motivated and having good systems for your staff to operate. Almost all SMEs are driven by one or more passionate entrepreneurs who have a deep involvement in every part of their business. They are probably the worst paid and hardest working members of their staff and when they aren’t there, things stall. This is fatal when building a valuable business and any acquirer, or management team, need a business that is on ‘auto-pilot’. This is difficult to implement in most businesses but we have tried and tested methodologies and applications that are industry standard and, even better, we use them ourselves and know how they work.

Fine tuning

Any work done with your business is not set in stone, never to be changed. Your business environment will change, the political environment will change... and you will need to change. We continually evaluate the business' performance and apply any changes that may be needed or that need addressing. We are always focusing on management accession or exit.

The end of the process enables the business owners to be able to step back completely from their business and for the first time start to enjoy the free time and reduced stress they dreamt of having when they started up the business years before.

You now have a business that practically runs itself with you at the helm and not in the engine room.

Of course, if you are looking to sell, at this stage you will now be ready to maximise the value of your business through our sale process.