Investment versus Capital

Investment versus Capital

There are only 2 types of money in your business, one is Income and the other is Capital.

Which is going to make you rich?

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Who are we? ...and what we believe in

The Mirada Partnership is a very focused company specialising in working with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the investment, growth and exit spheres.

The partners have a variety of experiences and expertise, with strong practical know-how complemented by academic business qualifications from Warwick Business School and leadership and delivery qualities from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst.

Our work has been with SMEs and larger corporates in the UK and overseas covering investment, growth and exit, though our focus now is within the SME sector in the UK. We combine over 60 years of experience in small and medium businesses between us and have work experience in developed, developing and transition economies.

Our work ethic is one of integrity in all aspects of our work and relationships with clients. We look for win-win scenarios as our experience tells us that any other way leads to an unsatisfactory conclusion.

We look forward to the opportunity to start a conversation with you.

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